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House of Love

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June 18th, 2004

fellan @ 04:12 pm: Killara watched the people leave and sighed. Well, darn, and i never really got to know them, she thought.
She looked around at the rest of the people who remained, sitting or talking quietly.
Hm, it's getting almost boring around here, she mused idly. Wonder when something interesting's gonna happen....
She returned her attention to the book in her hand. It was a good day to spend curled up in the window seat. Sunny, warm, and a nice breeze blowing through the open window behind her.

There. Someone has written. Your turn.

June 6th, 2004

rowangrove @ 03:10 pm: yep.
"On the other hand," said Col, "Let's not. I know a great tavern in Dindenshir..."

Del looked at her company and heard several variations of comments along the lines of "oooh, tavern!". There were worse ways to spend an evening... "But how will we get there?"

"Ah, if I may," interjected Alan. "As it seems we are all here by chance, and forces beyond our control, I suggest we take that door there- " and here he pointed " - and we will, thanks to the Great Gods of Plot Device, coincidentally end up in the garage next to a fully appointed limousine, in which will be a driver who will take us to a private jet, which will fly us wherever we need to go."

"Oh, sure," said Fakia sarcastically, shoving open the aforementioned door. "See? It's just a ... "

"Do you think it has a bar inside?" wondered Miles.

And with that, the company took its leave of this enchanted place, blessing their luck that, while there was nothing to do at this castle, there was something fun going on somewhere, and plenty of fun people to do it with. Del, for one, was smirking.


Sorry, guys. Nothing's happening, and I have too much to do in real life. Enjoy your hareming, I'm out. ^_^

May 31st, 2004

fellan @ 12:40 pm: please, Liz, someone, write something here. Liz, maybe you could do a flashback or something to explain how we all got here or something. I'll try and get sharon to write, maybe.

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May 10th, 2004

fellan @ 12:38 am: Startled, Killara looks at Rufa. THen nods, realizing the truth of what she asked ::Well, how else do I explain the fact that the water here is from no where on my world, and explain the presence of all these... people::
"Well...." Killa began, wondering what exactly to say to describe her world. "I come from a world called earth, where there are humans, fairies, goblins, and other fey. Fey live mostly in Europe and In the United States of America. Their president Thomas Jefferson agreed to let us in. Yes, I am part fey," she says in reply to Rufa's startlement. "I am half human and half fey. My mother was water sprite of sorts and my father was human. I don't really know too much about my mother, since she left me with my father after she gave birth." Killa shurgs away the sympathy that Rufa might have given her. "It was a long time ago. I'm older then i look. Fey are immortal, and I shall live a long time, even with mortal blood." At the inevitable curious look, Killa grins, and wags a finger. "ah, a lady doesn't tell her age. At least not where men may hear."
"And where are you from, Rufa?"

May 9th, 2004

akychas_torch @ 11:53 pm: Later that evening, the computer game tournaments finally wound down. Rufa found herself alone in the den, except for one other girl.

"So, I'm Rufa," she said.

The girl looked over at her. "Killara," she introduced herself.

Rufa nodded. "What kind of world are you from?"


Tag, you're it, Sara!

May 6th, 2004

fellan @ 05:55 pm: A little blerb until someone else writes
Ok, since no one is writing and it's been long enough for it to have come back to me, i shall write a small blerb and hopefully someone will take me up on it. Someone? Anyone? Please?

Killara was so busy looking around at all the details in the Great Hall that she had missed (I mean, last time she was more worried about why there was blood on the floor) that she bumped right into someone. She turned around to say sorry and giggled when she realized it was a statue in a recessed alcove. The fine workmanship caught her eye, and she stroked long fingers down the sculpted marble leg. She had shifted to look at its hand closer when she saw a small glimmer behind the statue. Intrigued, she eased around the statue and examined the wall there. A small gold button was set into the painted design. She pushed the button, adn there was a click. Then the door- for that's what the wall was, a hidden door- popped open just enoughto fit her fingers around and pull it the rest of the way open. Glancing over her shoulder secretively, to make sure no one had seen and that all of her men (Hm, she thought to herself, why am i thinking of them as mine?) were occupied, she slipped through the door. SHe crept down a small passage, and then stopped at another open dorr, mouth open in soft wonder and astonishment. There was a library hidden here. Books lined the walls from floor to ceiling. I take it back- there were no walls, just rwos and rows of bookshelves lining the entire room. There were soft, plush, redleather chairs, adn reading lamps, and even a fireplace set in the far wall, with thick feather-filled cushions in front of it to lie on or snuggle with. It was... Heaven! The lighting was perfect for cozy reading. It was her dream come true. She read the titles surrounding her, seeing all of her favorite books and so many more. Lovingly she caressed the bindings, before turning away and creeping back through the passage and back out into the Hall.
Koryu noticed her as she walked back up to them. "What's gotten into you?," he asked with a frown when he saw the soft smile and starry-eyed look still on her face. (demons don't like everyone too be too happy ya know.) Killara just shook her head. She wanted the Library to remain hers for just a little while longer.
Still smiling, she walked over to where the boys were setting up a Halo tournament, and nudged her way to a controller. ::Let the beatings begin. I will own them on this game:: she thought, with a smirk. And so the tournament began.

There, just a little soemthing that came to me while i was waiting for everyone else to write. Halo is fun. And yes, i will share the room with people who want to use it, but for now, it's mine, cuz i found it ^_^.

April 24th, 2004

akychas_torch @ 01:01 am: Lizzy--is your turn. It's been seven days since Tani posted, and Sha isn't ready to post, so she's going to catch up next time.

April 18th, 2004

akychas_torch @ 11:14 pm: I have a suggestion. While I understand that some people are busy and can't always post their part immediately after the person before them, it's unfair to the rest of us to have to wait too long. If we all waited a week before posting, then it would take nearly two months to get through one cycle of writing. I talked with Fellan, and we agreed that a four-day limit would be reasonable. If a person does not take their turn within four days, the others may continue without her.

Opinions, people?

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April 16th, 2004

rowangrove @ 11:15 pm: Update, update
More character development and such (i think i'm out of order, but I'll be away for the weekend, so to facilitate things, here's mine).

"ah!" put in Miles with a grin, "Reconnaisance!" He brushed an imaginary speck of dust off of his undress greys, specially tailored to his height and frame. He was not wearing his Auditor's chain, but his small, slightly hunched body nonetheless radiated authority. It wasn't just the uniform, either, Del mused. Perhaps it was his penetrating brown eyes- electric, intelligent.

Fakia sneered at Miles' obvious enthusiasm, but strode with a dancer's grace towards the door. Kenshin followed silently, every fibre of his body wary and ready. One hand rested lightly on his sword hilt, belying his neutral expression. A strand of dark red hair fell into unusually light eyes.

Alan leaned to Yuki and said sotto voce, "Are we at war with our surroundings then? Half of us seem rather arbitrarily military." His baritone reminded Del of the sound of loose gemstones poured out like water into a velvet pouch. The combination of growl and purr gave her shivers.

Yuki gestured to Clark Kent, who was idly poking holes in the stone wall with his finger, and said, "Not all of we men are quite cut out for military discipline, I think."

Clark looked up with a smile. "I'm my own military." He said with a grin, the picture of youthful confidence.

"Kid, catch!" said Collan suddenly tossing a coin. Clark grabbed a brass cutpiece out of the air, bending it totally in two.

"Sorry... I wasn't paying attention." He looked slightly embarrassed. Collan looked extremely impressed. And, Del noticed, he was not entirely without strength himself. Subtle but definite cords of muscle slid silently under silky, darkly bronzed skin. His white linen shirt and longvest concealed most of his body, but she saw hints of his supple body here and there... and there... and there...

Collan caught her looking, and gave her a wide, slow smile. "Generally, domna, women follow that up with 'Holy St. Geridon!' Ah, if only I had my lute, I could show you right now a small sample of what a Minstrel's hands can do..." Del blushed, despite herself, and tripped over her own feet.

She fell into Alan and Yuki, who broke her fall. She cursed her clumsiness from the floor, and then realized that one of the men she had fallen into was, indeed, no longer a man. Uh... the hell? What happened to Yuki? Why was she on the floor with both an admittedly not-unpleasent man and a *rat*?

::oh dear...:: Del heard. ::Er, perhaps we should avoid such physical contact in the future... when I am in close contact with a girl, i transform:: "Oro?" "How unexpected" "Holy Saints!" "..." rebounded through the room

Ooooookay.... that was wierd, Thought Del. "Um. Right. Well, we'll just meander this-a-way out into the hall and let you... change back? or do you need to be hugged by a guy or something?"

::That's fine, wait for me and I'll be with you presently. Sorry for the inconvenience:: They could hear the sweatdrop in his voice.

Del and the six remaining human men shuffeled their way into the hallway and closed the door. Sub-conversations and the occasional concealed snicker bounced around between the men. After a moment, Yuki reappeared.

"I think I hear people that way," said Del, "let's go investigate, shall we?"

fellan @ 07:21 pm: Ok my turn again.
First, and appology for not realizing there was *two* more girls to wake up after i did, and Second, I need to change someone. I *can't* write Sephiroth. I don't know him, so i can't write him. That goes for Ilpallazo too, but since i already introduced him... *shrug* But Rufa had intro'd Cupid adn dumped him already too... So, I am changing Seph to Damian. I can write vampires. ANd now i have two of them. And I'm changing IlPallazo to Nathaniel. A delishious little wereleopard ^_^

:OK:, Killara thought, :six rooms, and seven guys, and no one knows where we are:.
After introductions and gathering all of the seven men into the hallway a confusing flury of questions had begun. A few of the men- THe one witht the braid on one side named Frey, and the feisty blackish-purplehaired-blackwinged demon Koryu in particular- were getting VERY loud. Koryu seemed to be having fun egging Frey on, which didn't help. Holding her hands over her ears, Killara edged closer to the wall by Usna, the quietest of the group, and the one she had spotted for fey. As she stepped close enough to brush his arm with hers (fey have fewer personal space rules than humans, ya know) she was shocked to realize that this calico spotted man (he looks like a damned calico cat, ya know? color wise anyway) was not just fey but *Sidhe*. The most powerful of the fey.
She turned startled silver eyes to him, to see that he was giving her a puzzled look as well. He opened his mouth to say something but they were interupted when Duzell, the short man with the face of a girl, jerked Killara abruptly away from the wall by her arm.
"Look," he said, giving her a shake,"I want some answers!"
Pulling away from Duzell, and giving him The Glare (hey, it worked on guys back home) she replied sharply, "Sorry to disappoint, but i am as lost as you are! If you want answers, find them yourself!"
Duzell huffed and brushed his long black hair out of his face. A soft ahem behind Killara and a tentative tap on her shoulder destracted her, and made her turn around. There stood Reiji, clutching his staff and looking at her nervously out of green eyes from behind his long brown bangs. "Um," he began, as tentative as his tap had been, "But Damian is hurting Frey." He pointed over his shoulder, down the hall.
"What?!" Killara looked down the hall to see that, indeed, Frey had stopped arguing with Koryu adn was now in trouble. Damian had a hold of one of Frey's arms and was forcing it behind his back. Frey was obviously in pain.
"Hey!" she yelled, "Stop!" Killara strode over, adn Damian dropped Frey's arm, glaring. "Never try that again," he hissed into Frey's ear. Frey looked up, wide-eyed, adn nodded.
"What did you try to pull Frey?" Killara asked as Nathaniel-with-the-long-mahogany-braid led Damian away. Frey glanced at Killa and blushed. "Nothing" he mumbled.
Frowning, but not going to push, Killara stood up and surveyed the men standing uneasily before her. "well,"she said, "We're not going to find anything out or get anywhere fighting each other. I say we explore and see if anyone else we come accross knows."
At the mumbled assent, Killara nodded and turned to lead them back to the stairs. They trooped down the one flight of stairs to the main floor, and looked around startled. There were people milling all over. Men mostly, she noted, though she saw one or two girls in there. A movement near the door caught Killara's eye adn she saw one of the girls sneak out. :Great: Killara thought,:where'd they come from?: She sighed. :Oh well, surely with this many at least *someone* will know what is going on...:
With that, she and her entourage trooped down to mingle in the marble hall.

There. That's better. And when we mingle more there will even be people who recognize each other in me and Sharon's groups!! ^_^

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